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4 Burial Plots Side by Side (for a total of 8 individuals)

4 Burial Plots (for 8 total) Side by Side (San Mateo)4 Burial Plots (for 8 total) Side by SideEach p..

Ex Tax: $44,888.88

85% OFF Pacific View Bench Estate NO RESERVE! Dignity Memorial Corona Del Mar CA

>>  85% OFF SALE!  No Reserve!  >  If you would like to end this auction early, you can email me an ..

Ex Tax: $0.00

Boca Raton Mausoleum "Rare" Heart Level Family Set of 4 Single Mausoleum Crypts

Boca Raton Mausoleum Complex 451 S. W. 4th Avenue Boca Raton, Florida 33432(Rare 4 singles in a row ..

Ex Tax: $6,900.00

Burial plot National Memorial Park, King David Memorial Gardens Falls Church, VA

Selling one deeded choice cemetery plot in lovely quiet section of Lot 60 Block 5 at National Memori..

Ex Tax: $3,000.00

burial plots in historic Dallas, Texas

8 adjacent plots in beautiful, historic Grove Hill Cemetery in the heart of Dallas.  Garden of Ascen..

Ex Tax: $47,000.00

Burial plots in Laurel Land Memorial Park Dallas, Texas

Four (4) spaces in Laurel Land Memorial Park – Dallas, Tx. Spaces 5,6,7 & 8, Lot 194 Section 21. Lot..

Ex Tax: $10,800.00

Cemetery Companion plot, Fresno CA

Companion plot: includes 2) opening and closings, 2) outer burial containers, 2) interment and recor..

Ex Tax: $6,000.00

Cemetery Nitche,# 94, companion, Alcove of Memories Corona Del Mar, CA

Located on the seaward slope of the historic Rancho San Joaquin, Pacific View Memorial Park offers a..

Ex Tax: $0.00

Double Niche * Pierce Brothers Mortuary * Cemetery of the Stars * Near Marilyn *

I am offering the rare opportunity to purchase prime real estate in West Los Angeles. Located at the..

Ex Tax: $4,000.00

Glass front Mausoleum Cremation Niche for Urn Trinity Memorial Gardens Florida

FOR SALE: Glass Front Mausoleum Cremation Niche for an Urn and Photos at Trinity Memorial Gardens.Th..

Ex Tax: $0.00

Interment Rights for 2 plots at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens, Pompano Beach FL

This is a certificate for two interments to a mausoleum. These are side by side, surrounding a beaut..

Ex Tax: $0.00

Nine Adjoining Cemetery Plots and Side-by-Side Crypt at Memorial Oaks Cemetery

Looking for a resting place for your entire family?We have nine (9) cemetery plots and a side-by-sid..

Ex Tax: $66,000.00

Rose Hills Cemetery Plot ** GARDEN Of REFLECTION **  2 Plots, Best View!

These 2 or 4 plots are  the beautiful cemetery plots in Garden of Refection Sectionof Rose Hills at ..

Ex Tax: $4,950.00

Rose Hills Three Cemetery Plots in Garden of Comfort II Colossal View

The three plots are located in the Garden of Comfort II, which is sold out.  There is a remarkable p..

Ex Tax: $9,500.00

Vista Memorial Gardens 2 Crypts Westminster Double Depth Miami Lakes, FL

VETERANS ONLY SECTION� Two Double-Depth cemetery plots located in beautiful Vista Memorial Gardens H..

Ex Tax: $0.00