Letter dated 1816 to Countess of Northesk, Lord Elgin's Marbles sale

 Letter dated 1816  to Countess of Northesk, Lord Elgin's Marbles sale

Interesting letter from a British ambassador working in Berlin in 1816 He writes to Elizabeth, Countess of Northesk in the UK. Interesting topics including sending gifts for Lord Wellington and Bulcher [army commanders Waterloo] His over payment of his servant An interesting comment stating that Lord Elgin has offered his Marbles to the King of Prussia for 50.000 pounds. I have done a quick translation of the entire letter below with a few words left out but this covers most of the body. Double page letter with wax seal, fold lines and tears though overall readable and further research recommended to put a name to him. Berlin April 24th 1816 My dear Elizabeth Another letter although I thought my last would really have been my last. I have been obliged to wait a few days for a letter from Coutts and co which i have this day received, I shall therefore immediately quit this place. Heaven knows how or when this will reach you, for I have more than once suffered from the negligence and stupidity of the people in the secretary of state office, who suffer private letters to remain too long a time unregarded. The enclosed is a letter from Madame below to her sister Madame de Koch at Portsmouth together with her own portrait [which by the way you may open in order to compare the 2 sisters together,pray send it immediately to Portsmouth and beg Madame de Koch to write to her sister instantly on the news of the miniature in her direction is no 39 in the park of Berlin. The acknowledgement of her last letter came to late that I was afraid you had not delivered it. It is of some consequence to read it instantly. You may expect with this or by the first carrier of messages some trinkets of Berlin. A red rose with the enclosed trinkets to my mother, 2 gold rings with a dog and the letters B.W for Blucher and wellington for anne and you the eldest to choose first a maltese cross and christ on the cross for jane and georgy scarely worth acceptance. 2 iron rings for long and delefield and a pair of earrings for Mary. 3 medals of Bonaparte and 1 of the king of Prussia to be put into the cabinet together with half a small coins of Holstein. and Prussia. All the above ornaments are from the most curious and the iron rings which are entirely from the part which is polished and which one would suppose to be Jasper, is iron. It is found in the furnaces after the iron has been melted,they may probably be acquainted with it in the dock yard at Portsmouth. It bears engraving very well.The small around the necklace are some of the battles gained against the french in 1813-14.The manufacturer of these articles is near Berlin and is much patronised. It was this place that the ladies of Prussia get their gold and silver ornaments in the time of war In Coutts letter which i have just received the charge of 43.7 to HY STEINER my late servant. I have in vain my brains to find out why he has received 43.7 instead of £36 which was certainly the most he could have demanded as i gave him 12 guineas [more than sufficient] to take him back to London.I should very much like and explanation. Wirtenberg ambassador here is to be the ambassador in England.He will shortly quit Berlin.His home is the Baron de Neuffer if ever you see him in London you will find him a shrewd and intelligent man for he has offered to take the above mentioned trinkets to England but these kind of persons are always forgetful Tell my wife [Martha] that she asks too much in money. Have the goodness to write to lord Liverpool and tell him that if Parliament does not buy lord Elgins marbles they will be lost to the country for lord Elgin has certainly offered them to the king of Prussia for 50.000 pounds.It would be a pity the should come to this barbarous country

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