114 grams Syrian Rue seeds Peganum harmala, red dye, incense International ship

114 grams Syrian Rue seeds Peganum harmala, red dye, incense International ship

114 grams of Peganum harmala: Rue, Esphand, Wild Rue, Syrian Rue, Harmel.Wild-harvested in Asia, naturally grown, but untended.

Used by many shaman in South America in their native rituals. Acts as an MAO Inhibitor like some other anti-depressants.

Drought-resistant perennial garden plant with tiny flowers for all western rock gardens. 

Traditionally used in Persian Cooking, as a RED dye, in shaman brews, as natural incense, as medicine, and more. A most versatile herb.

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Standard 4 oz packageKilograms are available through a separate listing! (261819537741)

Item: Plant Seeds. Syrian Rue. Peganum harmala. Perennial herb. A traditional herb for red dye, also used in Persian cooking, also as a traditional natural incense. A very unusual and versatile herb. First Class is default, priority is an option. Rue is edible, but no wild rue has been cleaned or set up as a food product. If you intend to ingest for some reason, wash and clean first. This is a wild-crafted product. To buy pounds or kilos, see my other listings. Other sellers buy my Kilos and call my rue organic in their listings. Likely is, but no paperwork to show or prove such.

Peganum harmala is a plant of the family Nitrariaceae, native to the eastern Mediterranean region east to Persia and India and north to Afghanistan. It is also known as Wild Rue or Syrian Rue because of its resemblance to plants of the rue family. But it is not a true rue.

Rue is a perennial plant which can grow to about two feet tall, but normally is about a foot tall. The roots of the plant can reach a depth of almost 20 feet if it is growing in dry soil. It blossoms between June and August in the US. The flowers are white and about 2.5–4 cm in diameter. The round seed capsules measure about 1 cm in diameter, contain three chambers and carry more than 50 seeds each.

Peganum harmala was first planted in the USA in 1928 in New Mexico by a farmer wanting to extract the "Turkish Red" dye from its seeds. Since then it has spread naturally throughout the southwestern US into Arizona, California, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

God made plants; Big Pharma makes drugs. Whom do you trust?

According to Genesis 1:29, GOD tells us that ALL seed-bearing plants should be legal and available for human use as food! If you take the bible literally,then you would of course support the legalization of ALL of God's seed-bearing plants, per Command of the Almighty Loving Lord.

Stop the insane, unGodly US War on Sacred Plants!

Another sacred offering from Datura Don's White-Buffalo-Trading: Heirloom Seeds, rare books and organic botanicals. I am an herbalist, trained shaman, and master gardener. I belong to Millions Against Monsanto, and financially support Erowid the org. Find my more info by googling: Legalize Plants.

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